Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Did you guys catch the Golden Globes? I totally forgot about it and was catching up on all the glam in bed. My favorite, Naomi Watts looked stunning in yellow. And finally, my girl Julianne Moore is winning. I hope she sweeps all the awards this year. She absolutely deserves it.

My heartmate cooked all weekend for us because I was being a lazy bee. He made chicken dumpling soup. And when he said dumpling, I got excited because I love dumplings. I was impressed that he could made dumplings from scratch. He then explained to me that they're White dumplings, not Asian dumplings. I was very confused and super curious. They turned out yummy! 

It's been awhile since I picked up a film camera. I used my Yashica D and also tested out my new Canon AE-1. The back popped open on the AE-1 during the move so it damaged half of the roll. This photo is the happiest of the accidents.

This elementary school amongst many in New Orleans has remained dormant since Hurricane Katrina. 

Chicken and sweet potato waffles at Horn's.

I'm taking over West Elm's instagram this weekend to show you how I designed my small space!