How to Dress-Up Your Dresser

I'm so excited to share that I'm working with eBay to create my own guides and collections. They'll all be about home decor, guides to creative living, photography, some men's style and even recipes! I've been using eBay since the late 90s. I think my very first purchase was a Portishead CD or maybe it was something Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Spice Girls chupa chups lollipops?! Oh my. Haha. And I still use it to find some of the most obscure vintage pieces, and they best deals on photo gear. And did you know that they even have vendors like Target on there, too? They got it all. 

My new guide is How to Dress-Up your Dresser. I just bought this vintage mid-century dresser last week. It's a Johnson-Carper Furniture piece. And guess what, it's also on eBay. Someone get it and we can be dresser soulmates! Hop on over to follow me and to see all my favorite finds and other guides!