5 Fun Tips for Creating a Cozy Living Room

Sponsored by Rugs Direct

Come on in and have a seat in our parlour! This room is turning out to be my favorite! We love hosting get-togethers and game nights at our house but they were always in our smaller, sun room. We're now moving some of the stuff to the parlour because it's bigger and more condusive to game nights. It seriously all came together with this beautiful Safavieh Casablanca rug from Rugs Direct. I've partnered up with them to create this space. Since it's kinda huge, we went with a 9x12. Anything smaller ain't gonna cut it. I'm thinking it can still go bigger?! We have dark hardwood floors so I wanted the rug to be white. This is a creamy color with some simple patterns to make it more interesting than say, a solid shag rug. No offense to all solid colored shag rugs, they're just a little boring. Oh my god, I sound like Trenita  just now. Haha. 

Here are 5 fun tips to create a sweet and cozy living room. 

1 / Drape a throw blanket over a chair or sofa so you and your guests can get snuggly. However, perfecting this drapey effect requires multiple attempts. You have to toss it on the chair nonchalantly. Imagine you're eating a pint of ice cream in your undies watching Chopped, wrapped in a Turkish-styled throw. You inhale the pint of ice cream and decide you want another because the dessert round is making you crave more sweets. So you hop up, untangle yourself from the throw, and toss it on the sofa to get more ice cream from the fridge. Now, that's the kind of nonchalant I'm talking about. That's the drapey look you need to go for. It's tough! Haha.

2 / Get a Beni Ourain-inspired rug from Rugs Direct. They're so soft you'll want to lay on it forever. And they're hella versatile. They'll go with everything. See my post on rad 8x10 rugs for under $500. And you also get 15% off your order with free shipping!

3 / Use a footstool as a side table. Why not, right? I like how low they sit and makes you wanna cozy up on the floor. You can find one here. I also like to place two chairs facing the sofa to create an intimate gathering. 

4 / Add a nice botanical centerpiece to your coffee table. It'll make everything all warm and fuzzy. I'm using split-leaf philodendrons from our yard. They're growing out of control here.

5 / Dress your walls. Hanging art creates an intimate, closed space, especially in larger living rooms so it doesn't seem so empty.