Inspiring Interiors

There aren't many Vietnamese restaurants with pretty interiors so when I heard about Stateside in Seattle from @mell0fell0w, I was thrilled! I dig the palm wallpaper with the brass details mixed in with the wood. It's fun. My next bold move is to design a restaurant. It's something I've always wanted to do. From space design, to the branding, menu and even music. The whole experience!

So, I had ramen in the Marigny last night. It's a new a new spot that moved into an old Thai restaurant. But they left the interiors the same and it was not even cute to begin with. The place has lots of potential because it's in a beautiful corner building. So, the entire time, my heartmate and I just played "what would you do instead." I was thinking lots of earthiness, like wood tones to add some warmth to the space. I think I want white walls.. They had wainscotting which I would treat it navy. Sprinkling in some plants and ceramics. And yeah...I was pretty much tossing and turning last night because I couldn't stop thinking of all the fun ways to make this ramen joint better. So this weekend, I'm gonna come up with ideas and create some sort of presskit to send them. Wish me luck! Below are spaces I'm really into. Lots of wood. I don' think i'd put wood paneling in the restaurant but I love how earthy modern these spaces feel. Alrighty, have a wonderful weekend, my vintage vultures!