My Aunt's Kitchen Renovation

Whenever I'm in LA, I make an effort to hang out with my favorite aunt. She recently finished renovating her home and when I saw her kitchen in person, it was a little — how do you say — sterile? No tea, no shade, okrrr! With all white cabinets and black floors and counter, it reads super cold. And the funny thing is, she loves plants and color! So, I took her out to some of my favorite stores like, World Market, Home Goods and Home Depot (for plants) and dabified her space in a day. With the help of TAKE5, we were able to take her kitchen to the next level! 


How amazing are these before photos? This is what it looked like when my aunt bought it a few years ago. It was built in the 1940s and the previous owners never updated it. 


It was cute before but it desperately needed to be current. My aunt added a movable island and new appliances for a sleek, contemporary look. All she really needed were lots of plants, a runner, and art! My three favorite things to spruce up any space. Even though there's been a heat wave in LA, the kitchen still needed plenty of warmth, so we added lots of wooden elements, like cutting boards, and that round mirror with a wooden trim just fills up that blank space nicely. I mean, who doesn't wanna stare at their pores while doing dishes? That rug pretty much saves the day. It's from World Market and they're having an amazing 30% friends and family discount right now so you better go get it! 


Rug • Bar stools from HomeGoods • Mirror

Sponsored by TAKE5