Holidays Videos with eBay

A month ago, I flew to Victoria BC with Jojotastic and Pizzazzerie to create a series of holiday videos with eBay. It was really fun to get in front of a camera for a change. The whole team was really great to work with. And it all happened so fast, too.

So for my storyline, it was about finding a thoughtful gift for me best friend, Han. We went back and forth about what gift to get and we settled on a mirrorless camera to help her get back into art and photography. On the day of the shoot, I seriously thought it was just about me talking about how I met my best friend and why I got her the gift. And then halfway through the video, Han darts into the room and ends up surprising me! I seriously had no idea. They had us both staying at different hotels on the first day. And I was like texting her my dinner photos the night before the shoot thinking she was just back in Los Angeles. It was one of the best surprises. Watch and see the surprise! Also, can you tell I was a bit nervous at the beginning? 

We also created a holiday gift exchange with the girls and that was a fun one to shoot. Watch what I got for Joanna! 

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