Floor Plans for Small Spaces

I love creating floor plans. It's like playing with lego but with a graphic element to it. Here are some samples I created for my clients. And by clients, I mean BFFS. They're in LA, NYC, and one in New Orleans. Two of them are back houses. Can you guess which cities those belong to? Yeah, it's definitely not New York.

Small spaces can be tricky but you'd be surprised how much they can actually fit to create a multiFUNctional space. I love working with small spaces because of its challenge. I think for a lot of people, they're afraid of making it look too cluttered. And it can be if the dimensions are wrong. You must measure everything. And make sure to create at least 30 inches of walking space to create a flow between the different areas of the space.

The above plan is for my friend, Han, which I featured the makeover here. I hope to get photos of the others soon!

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