Probably This' Vibrant New Orleans Home

Heyo! We got a fun home tour for all you vintage vultures today! I know, it's been a minute since I shared one on here. Beau and Matt from Probably This is inviting us over to their vibrant home in New Orleans! They were one of the first people I met in NOLA. I think we met through Instagram and we've been creative homies since. They have a food and lifestyle blog where they feature all their killer cocktails and to-die-for dishes. They recently updated their home and that's when I was like, "I got dibs on photographing it!" Haha. They're a creative powerhouse. I've always wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship with another creative person. Anyway, I'll let them both take it away from here! 


Photography by Dabito

Tell us A story! 

Hi! We're Matt & Beau and we're both from New Orleans. We always wanted to live in one of the colorful shotgun homes that are so ubiquitous in New Orleans, and last year we finally had the chance to move into one! And it's pink, so even better. The house was built somewhere around the late 1800s and early 1900s, and still has most of the original wood floorings and ceilings which adds a whole lot of charm. We both began working from home on our blog full-time about a year ago, and have since then put extra  effort into making our space function as an efficient working space but also comfortable and relaxing, too. 

We're renters, so we've had some constraints on how much we can do to the house, but took it upon ourselves to paint the front two rooms a very neutral white to allow the natural light of the front floor length window to really be on display. The dining room we painted pink, mostly because we've always wanted to have a pink room, and the golden tones of the chandelier and bar cart worked so well against the color. The table in the dining room is made of centuries-old repurposed barge wood. It's remarkably heavy and has a very sturdy farm-house feel to it that we love. We chose a dining settee in "cayenne" because they add an extra level of comfort, and the red and pink combo turned out to be really amazing visually.

Another easy and relatively inexpensive change was to replace the ceiling light in both the front room and the dining room with more modern fixtures. It really elevated the style of both rooms. The ceilings are about 16 feet, so we got a few hanging macrame plant baskets to draw attention upward. The bedroom was our most recent project — we collaborated with Sazerac Stitches for the sconces and Luna Botanicals for the hanging stag ferns. We're really digging how the whole thing feels like a cozy jungle. Maybe it'll be a good place to hide out over the next four years or so!

What's your jam du jour?

Living for Solange's album A Seat at the Table still. All day every day.

Who's one of your favorite Instagrammers?

Besides that @dabito guy? Probably @thatpoppy because it's bizarre and we have SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Favorite spot in New Orleans?

Only one? That's impossible. Mmm...let's just say Faubourg Wines because it's so cheap, cozy, and relaxing and there are lots of wine!





dining room

Paint — Sherwin Williams, Mellow Coral
Mobile Chandelier
Bar Cart
Colorblock Pillow
Throw by In 2 Green




living room

Chandelier — Sazerac Stitches
Tonga Baskets
Peggy Sofa
Peruvian Pillows
Fox (their adorable puppy) is not for sale :D





Staghorn Ferns — Luna Botanicals
Sconces — Sazerac Stitches
Artworks — The Grand Maltese
Emmerson Bed frame — West Elm
Peruvian Throw and Pillow

P.S. They have an awesome brass sconce giveaway!



How cute is their pink house?!