5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Look With Yellow

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One quick look at my Instagram feed will show you that I’m not adverse to experimenting with color—in fact, that might be the understatement of the century! My love of color isn’t just limited to decorating my interior spaces, either. And I'm excited to create a series of posts with eBay for their #FillYourCartWithColor campaign!

I love to make my wardrobe a bit more exciting using pops of vibrant hues, and yellow happens to be one of my all-time favorites to wear, since it’s a reliable mood booster. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I associate yellow with sunshine, but for me it’s a way to perk up —especially on days when I’m feeling anything but cheerful! For those of you who shy away from bright colors, or just simply are unsure of the best way to wear yellow, I’ve listed a few of my favorite ways from eBay to inject it into an ensemble. Try it! You’ll be surprised at the way it can make you (and others!) smile.


Okay, admittedly wearing an entire yellow suit seems like a major undertaking for those a bit hesitant to play with a bold hue, but just hear me out! Try wearing the full getup if you have a chance to go to a fun event where you don’t mind standing out in the crowd like when I wore it for a book release party! My best friend and I actually got the same suit, too! You can also break it into pieces to get a little more wear. Pair with more basic closet staples like a plain white tee or your favorite jeans to downplay the color, while still looking like a style star. 


For a lot of men—including those who don’t consider themselves fashion followers—babouches are a great place to play with color. They're fun and stylish. If an all yellow slipper still feels like a bit much, try grabbing a pair of white sneakers and pair it with yellow laces. 


Another easy way to add a bright pop to your look without totally committing is with your wallet. The rest of your look can be low-key but when it’s time to pay for something, BAM! Little, mostly hidden accessories like this are the perfect place to add a little flair. 


I travel a lot, so I know the significance of having a standout carry-on, both because it becomes an extension of your look and because it's less likely to get lost in a heard of basic black bags. And since spending a long day cruising through airport terminals and commuting to your final destination can be exhausting, my little yellow luggage from Away can be an unlikely source of energy just because the color is so dynamic and positive. 


Dad Hat

If I’m going to wear a cap, it’s got to be something cool—I’m not exactly Sporty Spice! Dad hats are a bit more relaxed in shape, so they feel a bit more modern (but in that 90s resurgence kind of way!). Wearing one in a color like yellow can brighten an otherwise basic outfit—so if you’re feeling a little meh, this might just be the perfect solution. And eBay has so many selections that are new and you can easily use the Buy It Now option with no bidding necessary.