Fun Ways to Wear Pink


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I’m not what you’d call a super conservative dresser in the first place—which is not to say that I’m all flashy per se, but rather I don’t put a lot of hard and fast rules on myself for what I can and cannot wear. It's the same approach when it comes to decorating my home! Like most of you, I’ve had plenty of my own experimentations with fashion (let’s not mention certain choices in the 90s and early 2000s) but now that I’ve finally grown more comfortable and confident in myself, I’ve settled on what works for my style, while making sure to leave a little room to play and try new things. 

I’m certainly not the first guy to play around with pink. After all, due to the popularity of millennial pink, the color is practically the new neutral regardless of your gender. Still there are a lot of guys and girls out there that are still skeptical of the stereotypical sweetness associated with pink. No worries, I’ve picked out pieces to #FillYourCartwithColor on what I think are some of the easiest ways to bring a little pink into your wardrobe.


Because baseball caps are yet another accessory that can easily be tossed on or taken off, it’s a perfect place for a little pink. And because baseball caps are inherently kind of masculine (stereotypically at least) it’s kind of fun to play with them in more of a traditionally feminine shade—so it sort of balances out. 

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Pink iPhone cases are possibly the most low-key way to try out any new color, pattern, or design that might be beyond your comfort zone. Think of it as just a sneaky way to add in a little flair you’re not quite ready to put directly on full display. And eBay has so many different styles and many of them ship for free!


I kind of feel like summer clothes get a pass to be a little more colorful, don’t you think? That said, I feel like a pair of pink shorts—even in a muted pink shade can fly for the fall season. 

And I don’t know about you, but a huge portion of my wardrobe is made up of t-shirts. And they’re not just for wearing with jeans. Because I like to layer my tees with suits, blazers, patterned pants, and more, wearing a shade of salmon, pale pink, or even raspberry can be offset by other pieces you’re wearing—therefore it doesn’t seem so “look at me!.” Although to be honest, when in doubt, go monochromatic!


I believe that if you commit to something and feel confident, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about what you’re wearing. And not only that, it’s really hard to hate one someone who’s totally feeling themselves, which is why I say screw it and just go head-to-toe in a pink suit! I like to wear a white tank or tee under to give it a more relaxed look. 

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