Making My Home Smarter With Sengled

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I consider myself a pretty tech savvy guy but I must admit that my heartmate is a bigger nerd about all the latest gizmos and gadgets. We're especially loving all the neat ways to make our new home smarter. My Google Home has been a total game-changer, allowing me to change the music during get-togethers even with both hands holding drinks for my guests, or making sure all the lights are turned off (or on) well after I’ve left the house. And now with the help of the Sengled’s Element bulb, sorting out my lighting situation just got a whole lot more brilliant as well. 

I’ll be hosting friends and family more often, now that I moved back to the LA area where I grew up, so I love setting a beautiful mood. And since lighting can be such an important factor when it comes to the ambience, my Sengled Element bulb is a lifesaver. Here’s how it works: the bulb can connect to your smart home device (like Google Home or Amazon Echo among a few others) so that using an app or a voice command, I can dim the lights or coordinate my bedroom lighting with daylight, or turn everything on/off from my phone while I’m away so that it looks like someone is home.

And I promise you it’s as easy as changing a bulb. And what’s really important to me is that the energy-efficient LED bulbs (which last up to 22 years!) are seamless with the décor. I love to add a modern bulb into my favorite vintage lamps to give them a little tech update. While I appreciate what technology can do for my home, I never want any gadgets to interfere with a comfortable, cozy tone I like to set for myself and any guests that stop over. The Sengled Element bulb doesn’t get in the way of that, which also makes it super accessible. Besides the design factor, Sengled’s products are actually really affordable and energy saving, and I don’t take either of those benefits lightly (I'm all about saving a few bucks and creating a greener home). 

So with the holidays literally around the corner, my smart lighting is going to help me create the perfect atmosphere as I attend to the cooking, cleaning, and yes, moving everything around 8 million times. They also make perfect little gifts or stocking stuffers!


Vintage lamp from Luxe Lust  •  Vintage table from Goodwill  •  Plant Cradle from Folia Collective designed by Mudpuppy  •  Rice Basket  •  Ceramic planter from Folia Collective

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