Fleeting Moments

Mardi Gras celebrations are happening all over the city! Woo-wee! I am obsessed with all the drill team's tassel boots. I was in marching band in high school and let me tell ya, our drill team seemed so basic compared to Nola schools. I'm gonna be wearing some pom poms to the next parade, which will be this Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday. Oof...I'm tired and drunk just thinking about it. Wouldn't it be amazing if floats threw pom poms instead of beads at you though? Now, that's the kind of parade I can get behind. 

These portraits of Luigi and Sterling were snapped using the portrait feature on the iPhone 7+ and I'm impressed! Let's, see what else happened this weekend? Oh, I made bucatini! I don't what it is about bucatini but I can eat it every day!