Bedroom Refresh with method

Sponsored by method


I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was a little under the weather so I didn't do much except drink tons of honey lemon ginger tea and napped with Luigi and Sterling. But I did watch the Super Bowl only because of Gaga. She was triumphant! I loved all the positive vibes she was giving. We can definitely use more of them these days. 

Speaking of positivity, we have another guest bedroom refresh. What did I tell ya? I'm constantly changing things around here. Only this time, I've partnered with method to give you some design detox. 

method 's new limited collection is all about good vibes, the handmade, channeling your inner zen, and mindfulness. It's a new year and a new you, booboos! I know the past couple of months have been rough so y'all need to take care of yourselves and for me it starts with a cheerful home. 

My favorite from method's new collection is the ginger tea. It has a wonderful and refreshing scent. And I love me some ginger tea! Ginger has so many health benefits. Maybe ginger is my spirit plant.

I was inspired by method's yellow painterly designs. Yellow, for me, is such a cheerful and energizing color. It always makes me happy. Here, I brought in lots of art, pillows, bedspread, planter, and even books, all in different shades of lemony-ginger. It definitely ties the room together. The artwork above the bed was in our sun room but it's perfect here. Tips: Hang art above headboard about 6-8 inches. And when picking out your comforter size, I always like to go one size up so it drapes nicely on both sides. This is a queen bed with a king size comforter. Who knew you can pull a whole room together with just a little inspiration from a bottle of hand soap?!

Bedspread • Anthill
Ceramic Lamps • Flea Market
Lampshades • World Market
Rug • Calypso St. Barth
Yellow pillows • Skinny laMinx
Painting • West Elm