Fixated on Light Fixtures from Perigold

When we bought our LA home, all the rooms were installed with the cheapest, flimsiest light fixtures you can find so I knew those had to go, like asap! I always get asked what are some things to splurge on when decorating. Without hesitation, I always say lights. They can really transform a cookie cutter room into a space that looks chic and unique. I’m thrilled to be partnering with Perigold to share my favorite lights from their shop and how they make a big impact in our spaces. They have a huge selection of high-end pieces, from furniture to decor and will definitely add some major wow factor to your home.

Let’s start with our living room. It used to have a ceiling fan and stood out like a sore thumb. We never used it so bye fan and hello Caracas chandelier! Does this look familiar?

We had the 16 light Caracas in our New Orleans dining room. As much as I wanted to bring that here, it’s ginormous. Our ceiling is only 8 feet so the 6 light one fits perfectly in our living room. It’s such a sexy thang!

Next, is our guest bedroom. I call this the sunny room and what better way to complete the look than a modern, shiny gold light that looks like a sun! This is the Klismos flush mount. We’re picking lots of flush mounts because of our low ceilings. I wanted something a little playful in here. It goes so well with our bold yellow geometric wallpaper.

Our hallway also good hooked up with the Harper semi-flush mount.

Meet Roxanne! She gets LIT in our bedroom. We had a sun in our guest bedroom, so I figured we should do stars in here. You can pretty much tell that I have a thing for brass finishes. I think they just add a nice warmth to a space. I can always count on Perigold for a large selection of beautiful sculptural pieces. There are pieces I’ve never seen before and it’s so inspiring. Mosey on over to get inspired for your home!