Modern, Sleek Coffee Machine

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Coffee has been a big part of my life for years. One of my first jobs ever was working as a barista while I attended college in Santa Cruz, and I’ve always enjoyed the ritual aspect of making coffee ever since — especially to support my heartmate’s three-cup-a-day habit! I can’t even imagine what it’s like drinking that many a day. My particular caffeinated vice is an espresso or macchiato, but because I’m always multitasking all over the house, it’s not too often I have the time to carefully craft my daily drink du jour, and grabbing one from my local café everyday can get pretty pricey (you know by now there’s not much more I love than saving a dollar or two!).

Thankfully I found the next best thing to hiring an in-house barista: it’s the Espressotoria and it’s a way to get my espresso fix at the touch of a button — literally — without sacrificing the flavor of a drink I’d get at my favorite coffee shop. You just fill the water tank in the back of the machine, drop in a recyclable pod, and push the button to pour the freshly brewed espresso into your receptacle below. And cleaning the machine is equally simple — there’s even an automatic 3-minute cleaning mode you run about once a week.

The ease of the Espressotoria isn’t the only thing that’s making it my new favorite toy around the house, it also has a sleek, minimal design that’s not distracting to my kitchen’s décor. It comes in black or white and is able to fit in, even with limited counter space! I personally love the look of the white one. We opted to add on the milk frother (which nestles nicely next to the machine and can froth both hot and cold milk or your preferred non-dairy option) so I never have to leave the house for my macchiatos and I’m able to whip up fancy coffee drinks for guests after any dinner parties.

It’s still kind of unbelievable that the Espressotoria Caprista machine is so affordable. When I add up what I’ve been paying to grab our daily drinks from a café it’s so satisfying just thinking of all the savings. And guess what?! They have an exclusive online special promotion right now where you can buy six Espressotoria Coffee Pod Packs and receive a FREE Espressotoria Machine! It ends April 23rd so hurry and get this awesome deal! You’re gonna love it. And unlike with other instant espresso machines, I don’t have to worry about waste: we can compost the espresso grinds (once we get a garden going, it will help make lush, happy soil) and recycle the empty capsule. A total win-win. Looks like I’m reclaiming my role as a barista — just with a lot less work.

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