Our Sweet Little Verbena

Sponsored by Hill’s

Before our cat Verbena came along, my heartmate and I thought we had a complete little family with our two dogs, Luigi and Sterling. She, on the other hand, had other plans. Back in New Orleans, this determined, three pound Calico kitten sought us out and wouldn’t take no for an answer — and we’re so glad she did. We named her after the street we were living on. Never in a million years did I ever think I would have a cat and after having her, I’ve realized that I’m actually more of a cat person! I just love her to bits!

At the recommendation of the vet, Verbena started on a diet of Hill’s Pet Nutrition food from day one and she’s been on it ever since (her preference is the Savory Chicken flavor that helps with urinary tract and hairballs, but there’s also options for weight management and senior pets). Over the past nine months, she’s grown into a cuddly, happy, social, playful, and sometimes bossy little lapcat, and I know that part of that is due to her nutrition. That’s why it was a natural fit when the brand asked me to be a Hill’s Partner and share with others the various ways they’re not just helping to make your pets happier and healthier, but also supporting other animals in need. 

Hill’s started its Food, Shelter & Love Program in 2002 to help take some of the burden off shelters by offering super-discounted food. Since that time, they’ve worked with more than 800 shelters in North America. Then, in 2013, they added on with their Disaster Relief Network, which provides free food for shelters and hospitals in communities affected by disasters. Considering the fact that we first adopted Verbena in New Orleans — where my heartmate lived during Hurricane Katrina — this point hit especially close to home. Just thinking about all the displaced pets and the massive amounts of resources needed during times like those is heartbreaking and I’m so proud to be connected to a brand that’s using its power to help. 

Here’s a photo of Verbena when she first found us in our backyard. And look at her now. QUEEN VEE! She is serving fierce realness on her favorite woven throne. I just can’t with that pink little nose. It’s too much cuteness! I’m surprised how well and and how quickly she got along with Luigi and Sterling too.


The Food, Shelter & Love program makes sense for a brand that’s committed to providing food for dogs and cats at all their life stages and for all their needs. The nutrition Hill’s offer is a key part of providing care for pets — whether they be the furry friend that you share your home with (like our sweet Verbena) or one still waiting to find his or her forever family. They all equally deserve love, attention, and nourishing food, and by providing one piece of that puzzle, Hill’s is helping to transform lives.

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