Styling with Plants from 1-800-Flowers

Sponsored by 1-800-Flowers

You guys already know that we love bringing plants into our home. They add so much life, color, and personality to any space. Honestly, when I don’t see a plant in a room, it just doesn’t feel complete. You feel me, right? So, we’re partnering with 1-800-Flowers to share how we’re styling some of their plants in our home. 

1-800-Flowers has a nice collection of houseplants you can order online. I’ve always loved bonsais so I got a dwarf jade and a juniper. They’re like these mini sculptural trees for your home! And I love the ceramic pots they come in. They’re perfect for styling on books or next to a few of your favorite ceramic vases. 


I also picked out a succulent terrarium for our coffee table. They come with all the plant care instructions so even planty beginners can understand how to give them some love. If you got any empty corners in your home, just pop a plant in there! I love that I can also send these plants to friends and relatives for housewarmings or special occasions. So hop on over to 1-800-Flowers to try them out!