After finding the Argus C3 Brick camera, I ran out and got a roll of cheap Kodak Color Plus 200 film and tested it out with my lovely friend, Katrina. I started out by searching for some useful tips from Youtube and found this pretty good video on how to work this Brick. There are a couple tricky things about this camera and one is the rangefinder window. It's way too small and dim to look through for focusing so I mostly estimated the distance. And the second thing is that you have to be committed with winding the film for the next shot, otherwise you will definitely end up with a few double, triple or quadruple exposures like I did. Aside from those two little quirks(which could totally work for you), I really enjoyed shooting with the Argus C3. I didn't know what to expect and that's the best feeling when using a foreign film camera. This is what Old Brand New is all about, making something new from something so old, it's amazing.

Alright, have a fun and thrifty weekend!