Found a Yashica Pentamatic film camera over the weekend. It's Yashica's first SLR camera from the 1960s. It still works but there is a shutter kink so shoots when it wants to. Regardless of its moodiness, still a fine piece of camera to add to the collection.

By the way, are you digging these photos as much as I am? They're taken with the new iPhone camera app I just discovered via Kitsune Noir. It's called Instagram. It has eleven filters to choose from for your photos. The photos are then posted onto your profile which other people can follow. It's kinda like flickr/twitter but for the iPhone. Pretty neat app. I mostly just love the filters. My two favorites are Earlybird and Apollo. If you wanna give your photos a film, dream-like or vintage quality, it's totally worth getting. And it's free.

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