1. Polaroid Onestep 2. Skeleton Keys 3. Mustard Cups 4. Metal Fan
5. Mid Century Radio 6. Teak Pipe Cleaner Holder 7. Polaroid 420 8. Wheel Barrel
9. Display Dome 10. Argus C3 Camera 11. GE Analog Clock 12. Wood Owl Figurine
13. Woven Wedges 14. World Globe 15. Die Case Metal Cars 16. Leather Flower Bag
17. Brass Bird Candleholders 18. Lamp 19. Brownie Hawkeye Camera 20. Deer Antler

Hope everyone had a wonderful, thrifty weekend. I can't believe it's already November. The holidays are right around the corner which means three things, thrift, thrift, thrift!

When I'm lazy and don't feel like driving around searching for thrift stores, I often turn to Etsy for the convenience. Etsy is an excellent place for vintage and handmade things and awesome artworks too. It's great because you can thrift online in your jammies while sipping on a cup of joe.

A few people have asked me for a little help finding vintage pieces. Since Etsy has grown exponentially over the years, it can be overwhelming. To save you the trouble, I've picked out 20 lovely things I would LOVE to buy for my home(or as gifts) for under 20 bucks. Some even offer shipping to other parts of the world so have fun and shop away before others snatch it up.
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