I don't even know where to begin—AH! The weekend was jam-packed with so many awesome things: thrifting, the mad, Modernica factory sale, flea market, bacon scones and birthdays. So, I'll slowly fill everyone in throughout the week because I'm still recovering, digesting, marinating, and catching my breath.

Christmas sure came super early for me this year. I went on my mini CB2 shopping spree with my gift card from the CB2 contest. It was fun. I ended up getting the Beacon floor lamp, which is basically a studio light.

I'm planning to throw a shindig for all the people who voted for me. Yeah, all 200+ of you. We can talk about thrifting, Beatrice Arthur, watch the 40+ episodes of Cash Cab I have on DVR, or even cut your hair on my fabulous barber chair. "Whatever you like, I do for you!" Because I owe you all, plus CB2, and The Selby!

COLOR ME HAPPY! Speaking of colors, I did get something yellow and something that rocks from the Modernica sale! Can't wait to show and tell!