I just got word from CB2 that my prized gift card is on its way. Can't wait! I've already put a bunch of things in my wish list that adds up to $1,226.55. Narrowing it down to $500 is gonna be tough and I wanna get as much as I can out of it. What should I get and what should I not get? Decisions, decisions!

By the way, CB2 is offering 15% off in-store purchases if you bring in 7 cans of non-perishable foods for their "Can Do" food drive from Nov. 8 — Nov. 24. I'm giving my favorites, tomato sardines and tuna.

1. victory pendant lamp
2. beacon floor lamp
3. pattern flatware
4. utility pendant lamp
5. double wall hamper
6. geneva sound system
7. hinge sconce