It's been a rather busy couple of days. Last night, I attended the opening of one of my favorite Printmaking instructors, Jimin Lee from UC Santa Cruz. Her etchings are always amazing to see in person but her new paintings are equally stunning in her current show, In The Mirror at the AndrewShire Gallery in Los Angeles. If you're in town, stop by and be mesmerized.

This morning, I was very lucky to attend the Los Angeles CreativeMornings with Bobby Solomon of Kitsune Noir. He gave a killer talk about blogging, being bored, and collaborating with creative people all over the world. Can I just say, I totally have a new crush on him. He was so charismatic and down to earth. He encouraged all bloggers to keep blogging, keep at it, because someone out there(like me) is going to read it. Bobby, thank you for your wise words. Looking forward to the new blog.

One of the sponsors for today's CreativeMornings is BOXED WATER IS BETTER. And it really is! I did find myself shaking it like it was soymilk or OJ even though it was just water. The concept is brilliant. Their aim is to be "kind to the environment and give back." It can't get any better than that. Sold!

That's all. I'm planning to do some CB2 shopping and thrifting over the weekend. I'm also making my way out to Palm Springs to spend some peaceful and quality time with my Heartmate and the amazing, WunderGlo & Gang.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful, thrifty weekend, my vintage vultures!