It's about time I have my own creative space. It's been ages since I last used a desk so I am very excited about finding this from Salvation Army for $35, no, $25, after a little nudging. It's the perfect size. It was probably used as a sewing station because there were a few buttons and thread spindles colliding in the drawers when I picked it up. I'm kinda digging the yellow and white but maybe it needs an extra punch of yellow or maybe it needs to be blue. I'm totally in love with the color blue right now.

So this is the study room that was very sad looking and bare and useless before. It's amazing how just a small lamp and a desk transforms a space. And please excuse my floors, it's covered in Beatrice fur. Blah. Anyway, I can't wait to fill the wall up with artworks and inspiration. And I'm looking forward for some printmaking in here. I'm gathering all the materials for a project that involves relief(woodcut) printing. It's gonna be wicked! Print shop popping up very soon!

Have a spectacular thrifty weekend!