Since Christmas in L.A. never quite feels like the Christmas we come to know, like snowflakes and snowmen, I decided to do things differently with my tree this year. Oh yes! A very special Polaroid Christmas tree!

I have a million Polaroids stashed up. Some are under my bed, on my walls, in my dresser / nightstand / drawers. They're scattered everywhere like loose change. Instead of using my old Target ornaments from last year, I had an idea of clipping Polaroids to the tree. And to top it off, I put up a star(mouse) of Dabito! But wait a minute, I have a nutcracker ornament. See, I'm not that nutty. Some of these Polaroids can be seen at my flickr page.

Also, did you see my little Beatrice, the creepy reindeer dog peeping through the branches? Creepy and wickedly awesome, too! Hope everyone's trees are coming along super! Only 16 more days til Christmas!