Xiu Xiu - Clown Towne

I have a soft spot for Polaroids so when I found this book, Xiu Xiu: The Polaroid Project: The Book at the thrifts, I was very, VERY giddy. The book follows the band, Xiu Xiu on tour:
David Horvitz, road manager for indie rock band Xiu Xiu, devised the idea to document the band’s tours by encouraging fans to bring Polaroid film to shows. Photographs of life on the road – from towering truck-stop beacons reaching out into huge blue sky to motel-room antics – were shot and returned to the fans, but not before Horvitz scanned them and compiled a visual diary that captures the non-musical, bare-naked zen of touring life.
Listening to Xiu Xiu (pronounced shoo–shoo) reminds me of my days in college, pulling all nighters in the art studios, and listening to random indie bands on the college radio. Oh, those beautiful days. I do miss it.

So, for a split second, I thought David Horvitz, the guy behind this Polaroid book was David Horvath, who does Ugly Dolls and Bossy Bear! Either way, both Davids are pretty fantastic.
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