It's finally getting chilly in LA which means it's definitely time to bust out the boots! I've been on the lookout for some since my one pair has seen better days. So, I asked the thrift gods for one and guess what—I got two pairs instead! Two, very bootiful(sorry, I couldn't help it!) Cole Haan boots. They most likely belonged to the same owner. I wonder why he tossed them? Oh well, my gain! They are exactly my size, super comfy and spotless. What a score! I tried searching for these online but the closest one I found is this. And then I found this pair which I'm kinda head over heels crazy for.

I do have one question for everyone, though. Tell me the truth, are you slightly grossed out that I wear other people's shoes? Oh, I take that back. I don't wanna know. I swear I sanitize it like a mad scientist!