Hooray, it's Friday! Is it just me or did the week fly by super fast? I have a cousin visiting from Denver which means I'll be eating a ton. Holiday stuffing is not officially over, guys and gals! Before I take off for the weekend, let me share with you a flemish chandelier I picked up a couple days ago.

I've been eyeing it since last November, swinging back and forth about this octopus (it looks like an octopus, right?) chandelier because I'm fixated on a George Nelson bubble lamp, like everyone else, I'm sure. I even sent photos to a couple friends (see here), and they came back with a resounding NAY. A couple days ago, I returned and lo and behold, still there calling out to me. I'm not exactly sure why no one has scooped it up. It's cheap and it works. I finally caved in and got it.

I got home and hung it up by climbing on this dangerous looking stack of chairs on a table. I don't have a ladder so I had to get creative and it's way more stable than it looks. Now, it's up and I'm really liking it. I thought about painting it a fun, neon color but it looks great the way it is. Sweetness!

That's all. Have a fantastic, thrifty weekend, my vintage vultures!