What do you get when you mix Mastiff, Airedale Terrier, Belgian Tervuren, Chihuahua, Labrador Retriever, and Pembroke Welsh Corgi? Well, you get Beatrice Arthur, of course! Yep, she is a major mutt!

Over the holidays, Beatrice got her DNA test done. We always knew she was a Chihuahua mixed with either some Terrier or Dachsund. But finding out that her dominant gene was a Mastiff was quite a shock for both of us. Seriously? A Mastiff? They're huge, like horses, huge. I'm not surprised though, because she does have a big and badass personality with an appetite like no other.

She's super lovey dovey, and really bright for the most part. She respects all my art and furniture. In fact, I think she was a designer in her past life, or maybe a model—YES, a model! This girl LOVES to have her photos taken. Can you tell which is her favorite pose?

The photoshoot started at home with Beatrice smizing on her favorite chairs. She's working the fierce look today. Then, we went out for a quick joy ride / walk. By the end of the shoot, she was wiped out! She crashed on the bed, striking one last pose. What a trooper! Gotta love this Mastiff. Oh yeah, we decided to add Mastiff to her name so it's now, Beatrice Arthur-Mastiff. Or you can just call her Queen Bea—that works, too.