Happy Monday! It was a lovely weekend over here in LA. Mostly sunshine, just a few scattered clouds, but clear enough to see snow in the distant mountains—so beautiful! On Saturday, I visited my family and devoured a ton of sushi, so much that I suffered from uni coma. After that, I snipped a leaf from outside my mom's tiny yard and brought it home. I have no clue what kind of plant this is Thanks to this wonderful lady, we now know this large leaf is a philodendron. I love it. It's so perfect for concealing that unsightly parking structure outside my window. By Sunday night, I kicked back and had some fine wine, Guidalberto, my absolute favorite, and tried to catch up on this season's Dexter. Oh, and of course I found some thrift goodies which I'll show in a bit—a couple owls to hoot up the place.

Did you notice anything different at the top? I did some tweaking of Old Brand New's header. I was going for something cleaner with a little bit of movement. Here's a side by side shot of the old and the brand new.