After being in Paris and witnessing effortless style by both women and men, I'm sorta obsessed with fashion right now. I envy street photographers, like Face Hunter or STREETFSN, and wish I had the guts to take photos of stylish Parisians, but I get super camera shy. I also wish I was swanky enough to see at least one fashion show when I was there, unfortunately, these runway photos from NYMAG will suffice. Here are my favorites from the recent Fall 2011 Menswear that's just making me drool. I love the fedoras, I love the knits and layers, and of course, I always love wearing black. I 'll be combing the racks next time I'm at a thrift store to try out some of these inspiring looks.

And guess what, I'm back from Paris! I can't wait to get back to the swing of thrifty things. And I'm dying to show and tell you all about my trip. All I have to say is, Paris is fabulous, but I'm sure you already knew that. I'm developing a few rolls of film today, so crossing fingers I got some good shots. Enjoy the rest of your lovely weekend.