Happy Chinese New Year! Wish you all a healthy, happy, and most of all, a prosperous new year filled with fantastic, thrifty finds. Although, I was born in the year of the boar, I have a rabbit side to me, too. I was nicknamed David, the bunny in college because I can twitch my nose super fast. Impressive, right?

I don't normally decorate my home for Chinese New Year but my mom decorates hers. I stopped by her place this morning and snapped this photo to show you a little bit of the festivities going on in the house. And if you look pass the fruits and kumquats, that lampshade was a thrifty find so that's the thrifty part of the day. Want an extra dose of thriftyness? Check out Manhanttan Nest's recently thrifted, insanely awesome finds. It's a wonderful blog and Dan has impeccable writing, to boot.

Ok, off to a week full of eating and collecting red envelopes!