I picked up three vintage baby photos that were in these precious square frames at the thrifts the other day. Is that baby not the cutest? He makes my heart flutter with joy. This is how I like my babies, two dimensional and quietly hanging out on my walls. I kid, I love them. So, I'm thinking of telling fibs about who this baby is. If anyone asks, I'm gonna pretend they're photos of my grandpa. I don't want my guests weirded out by me having baby strangers giggling on the wall. I wonder how this kid turned out? Perhaps the brilliant, Irina Werning can work some of her magic on him.

Los Angeles is expecting a few raindrops this weekend which I'm excited about. I plan on doing some relief printing, stocking up my print shop and if I'm feeling ambitious, painting my headboard and shooting a new home tour. What do you all have planned besides tearing it up at the thrifts?

Alright, have a spectacular, thrifty weekend, my vintage vultures!