I've tossed the word "heartmate" many times around here and since I enjoy posting about my loves, mom, Kaley, and Beatrice, it's about time I did one on him. His name's Timmy and we'll be together 10 years this Wimbledon. It's been a crazy long time and it just keeps getting better. It's also his birthday weekend so we're going all out! Alright, let's play Three Questions with Timmy.

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
I sleep on whichever side is farthest from the window. I get cold easily but YOU love the cold so it's perfect!

On my blog, you're known as heartmate, but at home, what do I really call you?
Do you want the nice ones or the not-so-nice ones? Nice: babes. Not-so-nice: silly bint, four eyes, and your new favorite, muthafugga. Now they know you have a potty mouth!

One last question before you ruin my reputation! Does it drive you nuts that I move stuff around everyday and change sofas every 6 months?
Yes! Sometimes I come home and I think I walked into the wrong place! Would it hurt you to ask me first???

Get over it! Happy Birthday! Ha!

Hope you enjoyed our little ramblings. Have a fantastic, thrifty weekend, my vintage vultures!