Sorry, I didn't get around to do a post yesterday. I feel so out of it and totally guilty for missing even a day. Any bloggers feel the same way when that happens? What I've been busy doing is, since I'm in-between jobs, I decided to temporarily join AIDS Project LA (APLA) to help them pass out flyers and boards all over town to get the word out about training for their Team To End AIDS marathon in Hawaii. I have a friend who's doing the AIDS LifeCycle this June and my heartmate also did the Alaska AIDS ride, so we're intensely passionate about raising funds and awareness to fight and to end AIDS.

Well, today, my turf was in downtown and I've been meaning to give a small tour of my neighborhood so it was perfect. And I discovered a new spot, a printmaking studio! I need to get my hands in there asap! Downtown is definitely shaping up and I'm excited they're opening a Target in 2012.

What I love about living in downtown is that it has a lot of character. I love all the century old buildings and hotels jibing with the modern ones. And when I say character, that applies to people, too. I walked into a DVD shop and found a charming lady in her roller skates sweeping the floor. Pretty rad! And then, there's the bustling Artwalk happening every month on the 2nd Thursday to keep the town hip and fun.

It's a great place and if you're ever in my neck of the woods, give me a holla! I wanna thank you all for the wonderful and supportive comments about my print shop. And thanks for sharing your stories with me. It was delightful and inspiring to read. Hugs to you all.