It's that time again for my little home tour, my sea of love. Big changes this time around: a) purple couch b) dining table's back c) newly thrifted Marcel Breuer Cesca chair d) art on the walls and e) Beatrice and I enjoy being part of the vignettes.

As you can see, I'm rugless. All the rugs were sabotaged by Queen Beatrice—that bea-otch! She threw a major hissy fit when we went out one night, so to punish us, she popped 13 perfect, sloppy piles of poop all over my rugs. At least she didn't touch my purple sofa! Whew.

Some of these photos were featured over at sfgirlbybay's unexpected guests yesterday which I'm still so freaken, jumping for joy, over the moon, happy bunny about it. Thanks for all the wonderful comments over there! It really made my day. I've been thinking about throwing a housewarming next month and seriously, you are all invited! Mi casa es totally su casa! And I have a real treat for you all tomorrow. You will get to see my finest thrifty find EVER. You're gonna love it.