I didn't finish everything I wanted over the weekend but I started a bunch of projects. One of them includes some woodcut action. I forget how difficult and intense it can be. I nicked my precious Nordiska side table which made my heart ache. But my girl, Margaret knocked some sense into me by saying, "better the side table than your finger!" Indubitably, M!

Hopefully I'll get to pull some prints from the new block. I added two new prints to my print shop, TOSS & TURN. They are digital prints of a four color run lithograph. They're self-portraits, can you tell? I'll be adding many more prints soon.

Then I treated myself to Doughboys' delicious red velvet cake. I'm not a cake person but this is so good. It's not too sweet and it's super moist. Yum. Lastly, the photo with the wood and gold panels is a thrifty teaser. It's a major hunky beast, hunkier than my heartmate and the best part, I got it for a song!