Heya, hope everyone had a chill weekend. Mine started off by sleeping in til I couldn't take the sun smacking me in the face anymore. We took an afternoon trip to our central library and I wanted to follow a group of tourists from Melbourne instead. Love me some Aussies. When I was at the library, I noticed questionable art dangling from the ceiling. Check out that man hanging on the light fixture with a ladder next to it. What were they thinking? Then, I went to catch one of my favorite Mexican songstresses, Julieta Venegas perform at the Nokia Theatre. She's super talented and so adorable when she plays the accordion.

On Sunday afternoon, I went to grab spoonfuls of gelato at Pazzo with my new girl friend, Genevieve. Custard nutella with pear sorbet on top. Yummers. After we split, I moseyed around the area by myself and found a beautiful bare tree in front of a red building. I was also semi-confronted by a grumpy-lookin' dog. Too bad, I wanted to browse through their vintage vinyls. Oh, and I love a red station wagon, actually, all station wagons.

And my philodendron plant finally kicked the bucket after two months. I have to stop by my mom's garden very soon and pick more. I'm still trying to tidy up the place for a brand new home tour which may also be featured somewhere lovely, so there's some added pressure. Can't wait to show ya. So, fill me in, what did you all do this weekend?