My heartmate and I drove up to my old stomping ground, Santa Cruz for a nice and quiet, birthday weekend getaway. I love this place. We stuffed ourselves mostly with ice cream from Marianne's and a new ice cream shop called The Penny Ice Creamery. Both to die for! Now you know a surefire way to my heart is ice cream.

We took a nice stroll down the wharf where we heard a gang of sea lions playing in the water. They were adorable and I even made a little video of them splashing around. And since it was Timmy's birthday, a nice bird took a big ol' nasty dump on his shirt for good luck. His response was, "This is NOT what I meant by Dirty Thirty!" It was pretty funny.

We also stopped by my printmaking studio (I say my like it still belongs to me) at the art department at UCSC and it brought back plenty of wonderful memories.

The weekend sure flew by and it was a much needed vacay for both of us. I love the relaxing atmosphere in Santa Cruz.  Even the drive there and back is sweet, too, with the gorgeous landscapes and all.