My favorite article of clothing is hands down a blazer. They're just so versatile. I usually pair them with denim and a plain tee and bam! You got yourself a nice little outfit for the day or night.  I was very lucky to find this blue seersucker because it's not easy finding one that actually fits from the thrifts. I'm gonna wear it to death in the coming weeks and also to this Saturday's inaugural exhibition of my friend's gallery, LeBasse Projects in Chinatown. If you're in the L.A. area, stop by for amazing art and mingling and I'll be picture taking! It's gonna be explosive.

Other happy finds : 

+ Zakka Nouveau's wonderful Stitch + Connect project.
+ Get to know a lil' more about the fantastic Dan of Manhattan Nest!
+ Check out A Merry Mishap's beautiful marble accessories.
+ Take a sneak peek at Bright.Bazaar's new pad.
+ Lizzy Stewart's lovely book, TOSKA.

Thanks for coming out to play with me this week. Have a splendid weekend, my vintage vultures!