This week kinda flew by didn't it? Well, I'm super excited about this weekend because it's my birthday on Sunday! My heartmate got me a film camera I've been wanting for awhile. It should be here next week. And here are some early bday presents.

+ I got a copy of At Your Leisure's second issue from Jon at Happy Mundane. It has everything from
   beautiful interiors, graphics, to art and fashion for both men & women. Inspiring zine!
+ My new bff Capree sent me the beautiful Kodak Jiffy Six–20 camera. I've never seen this awesome
   contraption before. It's from the 1930s and I can't wait to use it.
+ Check out that Polaroid case from my pal Allan (Allan, you need to start bloggin'!). Perfect for
   jamming a few cameras for a photo shoot.

Thanks guys! Alright, have a wonderful weekend, my vintage vultures!