Two of my favorite artists, Thao & Mirah releases their new record today. I've been a fan of Mirah since my college days and when I found out she was collaborating with Thao Nguyen and also touring together, I was jumping for joy! Both have been featured in my weekend jukebox. I didn't hear about their new album til Jessie posted their tunes on her blog and I immediately grabbed a copy and it's been on repeat, repeat, repeat.

It's got Thao's quirky and driving beats seamlessly mixed in with Mirah's sweet voice, plus beautiful sounds of horns and fluttering guitars. It's incredible how well their artistic styles jibe together. The entire album is solid. A few standout tracks so far are Little Cup, Folks, Rubies & Rocks, and Spaced Out Orbit. Listen in its entirety on NPR.

They're on tour so check them out if they're in your neck of the woods. I think I'll catch them at the Troubadour—anyone going?