I was craving coconut water the other day and then I had a flashback when my aunt and uncle used to crack open young coconuts and poured us a refreshing glass. Then, we'd use the coconut halves as bowls, scooped ice cream into them and ate it with the coconut meat. Yurrrm. Wow...that's like the roots of OLD BRAND NEW! Anyway, I decided to try it for myself and voila! I call it the island ice cream.

Have any of you ever opened a coconut? It's actually pretty easy. First, you hack around at the top of the coconut with the corner of a knife. Be super careful with your dainty fingers. And after the top is opened, pour coconut water into a cup. Young coconut water is the best so drink up! Now, hack the coconut in half and scoop ice cream into it. Here, I used green tea ice cream and durian ice cream and sprinkled raw, crushed peanuts. Enjoy!