My weekend was chill. On Sunday, I went to drop off a roll of film and had an hour to kill so I googled the closest hiking trail and found Eaton Canyon. I've never been but apparently my heartmate gone camping there when he was a wee Boy Scout. Adorable and I'm jealous because I wanted to join the scouts when I was a kid.

Anyway, I was very excited to learn that the park had a beautiful waterfall but I was bummed I didn't have a decent camera on me except for my iPhone with only 25% battery life left. Blah! I also knew I wasn't gonna go far because I had my man-heals on. So, instead of a full-on trek, I just bounced around the base of the park to get a small does of nature. It was invigorating to be alone and yet, it felt so lively at the same time, just hearing the sounds of birds sweeping by and rattling bushes. I was kicking it with my new tree buddies!

After an hour has gone by, I walked back to my car—but before that, I busted out my iPhone and hurriedly took a few snaps with a new iPhone app I got called ClassicTOY. I used the double exposure setting and kinda dig it. The rest were taken with the fail-safe CrossProcess.

Off topic, what are some awesome camera apps for the iPhone you guys recommend using other than Instagram and CrossProcess or Hipstamic — are people still using Hipstamic? And if you're on Instagram, find me, I'm dabito.

Alright, after hanging out with nature, I was back in my car, jamming to Jeff Buckley's Everybody Here Wants You. Which is seriously my jam du jour! Can't get enough of his voice. That's it. Hope everyone had either a relaxing or crazy fun weekend!

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