My heartmate went to a new market last weekend and brought home lots of goodies—goodies I've never seen before! He knows I love good packaging, so those seitan men—sold! Along with that almond butter. For the past year, we've been trying to eat healthier, cook more and be more in tuned with what we're putting in our bellies. We're not vegans or vegetarians. We just like to mix it up, eat less meat. Last night, I fried up the Italian seitan with purple cabbage and it was delicious and simple to make. And with a brick of tofu—dice it up, drizzle soy sauce, toss some scallions into it and bam! Dinner for two.

So, I titled this post Supermarket Sweep not only because of the groceries, but because my heartmate was actually on that show. Do you guys remember that kick ass show! This was like almost ten years ago and he teamed up with his mom. I wish there was a video somewhere. If you've never heard of this show before here, watch this clip. It's wild. I wanna be on it, desperately.