Rise and shine everyone! It's Monday and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I got up early yesterday to beat the other vintage vultures at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. While I didn't find any major things, I did however walk away with a few, nifty stuff. I'll show and tell soon.

So, in other interesting news I'd like to share. I got sworn in as a juror for a small trial last week. Which means I'm gonna have to wake up even earlier to squeeze in a bit of design time at work, then head to court after. It's gonna be exhausting but we gotta do our civic duty! What I do like about waking up early is that there's this sweet, golden light that bounces around my home. It also highlights my laundry that's been sitting in our bedroom for two weeks, begging to be sorted away. Yep, believe it or not, we are living out of our laundry baskets. We're busy bees during the week and on the weekends, we just wanna play and forget about all our troubling chores. I wish Beatrice could help with some of that. All she's really good at is cleaning our couch. She loves licking and making out with that purple beast!

And lastly, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I'll be nibbling on delicious mooncakes all week!