I always keep my eyes peeled for a Bertoia Bench but that kinda stuff will never ever find its way to the thrifts, unfortunately. So, when I spotted something similar with a pair of Y-base legs from a distance at the Rose Bowl flea market, I zeroed in on it like a vintage vulture and knocked this bench down to $125. A little more than I normally would spend but absolutely worth it. It's made from reclaimed wood which is a plus except it's kinda prickly. I got a few nasty splinters from carrying it.

Time to dress this sexy thang up! The leafy green is from the flower market. Cactus arrangement is from my buddy who runs Branch of Life LA Lots of pretty succulents. The black print is from a fella at the flea who was selling all his works before moving to the desert. It sounded like he was taking a page out of Alexander Supertramp's book! Swoon! I love that book. And I love the desert. I had a couple of friends who went camping this past weekend at Joshua Tree and he said it was so dreamy out there. I need to go asap. Anyway, if you're feeling the Y-base as much as I am, West Elm's Y-Base coffee table is pretty handsome if I do so say so!

Also, I can't stop humming Yeah Yeah Yeah's Y-Control. Yeah. A whole lotta Y's for ya today!