I'm so excited to finally share the photos I snapped and styled for satsuki shibuya's fall/winter '11 lookbook. I've always adored her designs so I was thrilled to collaborate with her. Her new collection is a refined balance of bold prints and delicate patterns. The palette is neutral in mostly shades of grey and charcoal. However, subtle splashes of color can be found in almost all pieces, like when you flip over the double-sided dawn to dusk : placemat to reveal a pattern of leafy paintbrush strokes or in the finer details of green stitching. It's such a lovely collection. I seriously want everything.

I met satsuki earlier this year and talking to her for the first time was like—you know how you hear stories of people meeting other people for first time and instantly feel like they've known each other for a lifetime? Well, satsuki is that kind of person. I feel like we played handball in elementary, or swapped mixtapes in middle school (jamming to MC HAMMER or TLC). She's got a wonderful spirit and always make me feel at ease and at home ever time I hang out with her.

So, right off the bat, I knew styling and shooting this lookbook was going to be kickass fun. It took place at Satsuki's gorgeous home which absorbs an amazing amount of light. And I shot the entire lookbook with film cameras because film is so magical. Enjoy the photos with some behind-the-scenes snaps.

And now, let me introduce you to the splendid satsuki so she can tell us a little about her new collection.

Can you tell us your inspiration behind the new Wonderland Winter collection? 
The inspiration for this collection came about from a trip to Lake Tahoe earlier this year. We went after a snow fall & the scenery was breathtaking. Cascading mountains overlooking a cobalt blue lake with sprinkles of bare trees creating patterns in the snow white landscape. While I sat on a deck that stretched onto the lake & dangled my feet over the waters looking at this picturesque scenery, I knew immediately that I wanted to somehow recreate this experience in the fall/winter '11 collection.

We love the special names you give to each piece in your collection, like "strawberry tickle or powdery slope." How do you come up with those sweet pairings?
The names usually come about on a whim. Most of the time the theme of the collection dances around in my mind while I work on developing each item and when it comes time to name the actual pieces, I just look at the item & say to it, "what would you like to be called?" Usually, the first or second names/words that pop into my mind is what ends up being the name of the product.

Thanks, satsuki for spreading your sweet spirit and gorgeous designs with us!
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