I'm really excited to try out the Pentax ME Super film camera I just found from the thrifts. I was going through flickr and the photos look very promising.

I have major news to share—we're moving! And it could be as soon as end of this month which is crazy because we just started looking the other day. It's gonna be fun. Other than house hunting, I got some birthday and housewarming gatherings. And I have a few projects I wanna get going, like some new prints? Maybe do some early Christmas shopping. Christmas songs are in full swing over here. I love it. Alright, have a wonderful weekend!

+ Andrew Figueroa Chiang and The Blazing Rays of the Sun show tomorrow at The Hotel Cafe
+ West Elm opens a new store in LA and it's gorgeous!
+ We Three Zweigs is a lovely blog
+ I ART U captured our vibrant gathering over the weekend at the Jungalow.
+ #NOPHO Week Two photos are so cute and cozy.
+ Thank you to the talented ladies at Desire to Inspire for the sweet mentions.