And she's in love with our new couch. Well, old/new couch. I picked it up from my bff Craigslist. It's the Petrie sofa from Crate & Barrel in brown. We used to have a white one but had to get rid of it fast because of Bea's magnetic dirt paws. It's a great sofa. Good lines, nice tufting, sexy legs. Beatrice approves so what more can you ask for?

Did you all have a nice weekend? I had a yummy dinner with my squirrels on Friday night at an Ethiopian restaurant called Meals by Genet. Great service. Lovely ambience. Food was so good I could not stop going "mmm...yum...mmm." And Rose bowl was fun. I spent about 75 bucks and got a few trinkity trinks. Can't wait to show ya!